C3 Metals Inc. controls 100% in five mineral exploration licenses covering 207 square kilometres of highly prospective copper-gold terrain in Jamaica. C3 Metals has identified eight porphyry systems at the Bellas Gate Project. New mineral exploration and development is welcome and encouraged by the Jamaican Government. The country has a long history of mining, beginning with the Spanish in the 16th Century, continuing with the British in the 19th Century, and today the modern bauxite industry is still thriving. Mineral extraction in Jamaica is a very large contributor to the country’s GDP. British based law, Canadian banking institutions, good infrastructure, and ready access to deep water shipping ports all contribute to a beneficial mining environment.

The mining industry is well developed in Jamaica due to a thriving bauxite industry and along with tourism is one of the two largest contributors to the Jamaican tax base. Mining regulations are well developed and administered under the authority of the Ministry of Transportation and Mining. Special Exclusive Prospecting Licenses (SEPLs) are granted for mineral exploration and development activities. This includes but is not limited to, drilling, geophysical and geochemical surveys, water rights, and access roads. Surface access notification to local land owners with compensation for disturbance is set forth in the SEPL rules. 

A strong history of Canadian based expertise in the industry is based on over four decades of work in Jamaica by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC). C3 Metals has been exploring in Jamaica since 2011.

Main Ridge

Arthurs Seat

Bellas Gate

Hungry Gully