Jamaica Overview

The Company is actively exploring in Jamaica where it has identified 16 porphyry, 40 epithermal and multiple volcanic redbed copper prospects over a 30km strike extent. The Company holds an 100% interest in 17,855 hectares of exploration licenses and a 50% interest in 9,870 hectares in a joint venture with Geophsyx Jamaica Ltd, the largest mineral tenure holder in the country. Mining is currently the second largest industry in Jamaica, and historical mining dates back to the colonial eras of the 1500s (Spanish) and 1800s (British). New mineral exploration and development is welcome and encouraged by the Jamaican Government, as mining is the second largest industry in the country after tourism. Jamaica has been a major producer and exporter of bauxite and alumina - an industry that has been in place for 70+ years and continues to be a major contributor to the country's economics. Jamaica is also a large exporter of limestone. Today there are over 150 open pit limestone and aggregate mines in the country. A modern day gold mine - the Pennants Gold Mine - operated as an open pit mine until its closure in 2004. As a former British colony, Jamaican mining law is based on British law and was establish in 1947. Canadian banking institutions, good infrastructure and ready access to deep water shipping ports all contribute to a beneficial mining environment.

Jamaica Map

Mining regulations are well developed and administered under the authority of the Ministry of Transportation and Mining. Special Exclusive Prospecting Licenses (SEPLs) are granted for mineral exploration and development activities. This includes but is not limited to, drilling, geophysical and geochemical surveys, water rights, and access roads. Surface access notification to local landowners with compensation for disturbance is set forth in the SEPL rules. 

A strong history of Canadian based expertise in the industry is based on over four decades of work in Jamaica by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC).

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